Originally written in December 2015. 5 Empowering Thoughts for 2016? Eesh! After the asskicking 2015 handed me, where do I even begin? In May of 2015 I filed for divorce from a man that I know 24 of my 44 years. Then in my weakened, broken emotional state I rushed into a relationship, which ended up putting me into therapy. 2015 rattled me to my core and will be added to the history of my life as a year that roughed me up and made a deep mark. I will never forget 2015.

I spent the last three months of 2015 pulling myself out of a deep dark emotional ditch; the same deep ditch I thought a relationship saved me from back in May. Interesting how the universe works. Here I am 3 days before 2016 rolls in, still reeling from my 2015, and I’m asked to contribute an article on empowering yourself for the new year. Really?

Well, there are no accidents. Clearly the divine is telling me to shake it off, pour a glass of champagne and tap into my inner power. That said, I dedicate these 5 Empowering Thoughts for 2016 to anyone who like me, had a rough 2015 (or a rough any year for that matter). Whether it was emotional, professional, financial, or health related; if you had your world rocked in 2015, here are some empowering thoughts to take with you into the New Year.

1. “I survived _____ and this makes me a badass.” 

Ask yourself what chaos came your way in the past year? What did you learn from it?  Are you in an entirely different mindset now than you were at the start of last year? Were you transformed? Who are the people who helped you or hurt you? Forgive them and love them. When you see opportunity to grow from upheaval, blessings are the guaranteed reward. Remember, the greater the pain, the greater the masterpiece.

2. “I am worthy and entitled to all of the great things that I have ever said I ever wanted.”  

Dig deep and see where your own limiting beliefs are keeping you from abundance. Someone recently told me that whenever we aren’t manifesting something, it’s because on some level we don’t believe we’re worthy of it. The second I started taking action towards improving my self-worth, opportunities to earn money and promote my business started to come. That’s how I got asked to write this article. When you show the Universe you know you’re worthy, you manifest!

3. My happiness is my responsibility and NO ONE else’s. 

This one sentence was a game changer for me. Your boss, your friends, your business partners, your parents, your spouse or significant other are NOT responsible for your happiness. Be in charge of your own happiness and then share that happiness with everyone you interact with. Despite being an up-beat, positive person I looked for happiness outside of myself. I learned, the hard way that happiness is an inside job and that starts with truly taking loving actions towards myself.

4. What is meant for me sticks to me; what isn’t will fall away. 

When you lose a job, a relationship, or a huge business deal we slip into self-pity. It’s ego! It’s normal. We dissect what happened, analyze it, and ruminate over it; it’s terrible. Our resistance to “letting go” hurts us. Hope becomes a denial of reality and we remain stuck or in limbo. Just know that you are right where you are supposed to be, however… so is everyone else. Look at who came and went in the past year and look who is still there. Take no one for granted.

5. Everything is always changing including me. 

Knowing that people and situations are constantly morphing and changing allows you to become curious about life. You start to see life as an adventure with every day bringing new surprises. You stop thinking that your current situation will continue. When things seem awful, know they won’t be awful for long. When things seem perfect and you’re elated, soak those moments up because once they’re done they become memories.

So take everything the past year has brought you; the good, the great, the confusing, the heartbreaking, the wins, the losses, the lessons, the scary, the unknown, the laughter, the love, the friendships, take it all and on December 31st at around 11:58 pm think, really think about what this year did not to you but for you and then release 2015 with gratitude and welcome 2016 knowing it will bring a whole new set of challenges, surprises and blessings. Happy New Year!

Lisa Concepcion, writer, speaker, vlogger and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching™ is a Professional Life Coach specializing in dating, relationships and self-love. Originally from New York now based in Miami, Lisa candidly shares the valuable lessons she learns on her own LoveQuest journey offering online workbooks and video workshops, group workshops, one-on-one sessions, and seminars, to help people attract, give and keep love starting with love of self. Connect with Lisa via her YouTube Channel or by visiting LisaConcepcion.com


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