Show of hands how many people resolved to lose weight, quit smoking, get organized, work out, blah blah blah. What I want to know is where are the people who resolved to transform their sex life? If your Google searching for “How to Have Better Sex” or “Improve My Sex Life” led you here DO NOT CLICK AWAY! I’m Lisa Concepcion, a Certified Professional Love Life Transformation Coach and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching where it is my mission to help people transform their love lives into what they want and deserve it to be. I share with you 5 Hacks for Better Sex This Year.

  1. Learn how to “Consciously Communicate.” 

People say communication is everything in a relationship yet it’s the most common complaint couples have. Great communication also trickles into other aspects of life especially the sex life. When you can communicate well with clothes on imagine how well you start to communicate naked. Before I became a coach, I had two decades as a marketing & public relations strategist. How we speak, the tone, the word choice all makes a difference. When people begin to get mindful about the quality of their communication they feel a much closer connection and the couple then has the ability to reach goals faster as a team.  Resolving to “consciously communicate” is a big one for 2018. If you love your partner but feel something is a bit off it’s probably your communication. If you want to learn how to fix this click here! 

  1. Get clear on your ideal sex schedule.

I changed a couples game just by helping them realize that their optimal time for sex was in the morning before their 3 year old woke up. After the baby came it became all about putting the baby to sleep (a struggle) then they were too tired for sex at night. They’d fall asleep to the news. So they resolved to change up their schedule. Once the kid went to sleep by 8 or 9, mom and dad turned off all mobile devices and were winding down, finishing chores and asleep by 10pm instead of midnight. They started setting the “sex alarm” for 5 am. At first the idea of waking at 5am was out of the question. I suggested they give it a shot and see how it worked after a week. They slowly eased into waking up at 5am and by 5:30 they were in the throws of passion. GREAT SEX! Then by 6-6:30am they were up so they started to get their toddler put it in the stroller and go for power walks and runs in the mornings. Within 90 days the couple each lost 15-20 pounds and their sex life was improved. Their over all quality of life improved to because they were early to bed and early to rise. There’s a reason most successful entrepreneurs swear about making the most of their mornings. Want to learn how to make time for sex click here!

  1. Keep a LoveBook on the kitchen counter. 

Get a plain notebook and write to each other in it. Little notes, doodles, goals, compliments, add it to the book. I had a busy family keep a LoveBook, the mom started it off by writing a fast compliment saying what she loved most about her two kids and her husband. Then the kids read it and wrote not only to their parents but to each other, (kids are 15 and 12 spent more time bickering than bonding). The dad then wrote to his daughters and the mother. It became this really great way to express gratitude for one another. Also the girls loved reading notes from their dad and also seeing in writing loving words from their dad to their mother. The girls were worried their parents would divorce because everyone was disconnected and arguing. After a month of the LoveBook there was a stronger bond and a more positive family environment. This also works well for couples who aren’t living together. Just keep a notebook and take turns appreciating one another, sharing jokes and funny to do’s.


Get out the 2018 Calendar and pick a weekend either monthly or quarterly and have a change of venue. Pick a hotel you want to check out and look for a deal. many local hotels offer deals and discounts to locals. Pack a bag and have a sexy sleepover. Make dinner reservations right there at the hotel so you can enjoy cocktails without the hassle of driving. Arrange for a spa massage or some fun sightseeing excursion and be tourists in your own town. The change of venue will add spice to the love life. Who says you have to wait for a full on week long vacation to enjoy vacation sex. Quarterly or monthly quickie jaunts adds to the Love Tank. If you want to transform your love life and strengthen the bond even more click here!

  1. Get clear on your love language.

There’s a reason why every great Love Coach refers to Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. The book holds up after all these years. If your partner is buying you presents but you wish they would hug you when they come home or take your car for an oil change; your love language isn’t defined and being delivered upon. You can take a 10-minute quiz for free to determine your love languages and then know exactly how to express love to your partner in a manner that resonates. Imagine saving money on gifts when a simple neck rub will do because physical touch is the love language of choice! After you take your love language quiz for free get another freebee, 30 minutes of coaching with me. Got a question. Just ask!

About Lisa Concepcion

Lisa Concepcion, Certified Professional Dating & Relationship Transformation Expert and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching™ specializes in helping people transform their love lives within 90 days beginning with self-love, the most important love there is. Through her programs rooted in the Law of Attraction, Lisa quickly empowers people to clearly define the relationship they want then helps them to adopt the mindset necessary to manifest and maximize it. Lisa is a recognized life coach specializing in datingrelationshipsself-lovebreak-ups and divorce with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, endorsed by the International Coaching Federation. She’s based in Miami Beach and serves as a dating and relationship expert to the masses by conducting sessions remotely via video conference to help people worldwide.




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