About LoveQuest

About LoveQuest Coaching

A better love life begins with loving yourself first and most. Do you love and care for yourself? I mean do you seriously have your own back? Do you know what you want and are your choices aligned with your desires? Are you seeing patterns in the kind of people or circumstances you attract?

LoveQuest Coaching applies principles of Law of Attraction, Core Energy Coaching™ and other techniques to help you attract, give and keep love starting with love of self.

LoveQuest Coaching was started by Lisa Concepcion, certified Life Coach, Dating Coach, and Relationship Coach. Lisa works with groups and individuals one-on-one to get them from where there are to where they want to be.

Read about Lisa’s journey Here.

Through the LoveQuest coaching process you will become more aware of your emotions and the guidance they offer. You’ll learn how to shift and raise your energy so you manifest all the great things you want in your life.

LoveQuest Coaching is personal development with self-love at its core and is designed to help people lead unconditional lives without the need to control other people and situations.

LoveQuest Coaching empowers you to be the sole cultivator of your own happiness. Nothing anyone can think, say or do to you will rattle you. Best of all, people will begin to only engage with you when they are a match to your higher vibe. You will swiftly begin to attract like-vibe people and circumstances. You will understand why you attract what you do and will know how to raise your own vibe at any moment. That is power!

From this powerful place, you thrive in your relationship with yourself and others.

If you are single looking for a partner, when in an aware, self-loving place, you attract the right partner. Drama and confusion is replaced with ease and certainty.

If you are in a relationship you start to strive to be happy instead of right. You shift to gaining understanding, communicating with love, inspiring your partner instead of lecturing, nagging or manipulating them. You strengthen your bond, set goals that you go for together!

When you begin to deliberately create your life, you start to reap the rewards of a life based in worthiness, confidence, joy, peace, integrity and self-respect. LoveQuest Coaching helps you to do this.

Through one-on-one sessions done either via phone, video conferences plus the LoveQuest workbooks and seminars you can do on your own; you’re able to get the tools you need to identify and manifest the kind of love and life you want.

Contact Lisa Concepcion to transform your love life today!
lisa@lisaconcepcion.com or phone 305-699-4409