Get your girls, some bites and some cocktails for a fun afternoon (or evening) of good ole fashioned bitching and venting but with a twist!! Lisa comes to you and your squad live via Skype!! Imagine you and your girlfriends all together asking Lisa your specific questions in a fun, casual group setting. You’ll crack up laughing, learn from each other, support your friends, brainstorm creative solutions and will get Lisa’s expertise in how to handle the men (and sometimes boys) in your life. Perfect for ladies who are married, coupled or single, any topic is fair game.

Pricing: $150 per girl / 90 minutes / 4 girls minimum
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Reach out to me or call me at 305-699-4409


  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Bitch and vent
  • Learn
  • Ask questions and get solid advice
  • Drink cocktails
  • Have fun
  • Bond with your girls
  • Dance and sing
  • Get a few great practical nuggets that you can immediately put into play in your life.

Feel empowered

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