Given I am a Dating Coach based in South Beach in Miami, I get people from everywhere asking me where to go on a date. Cibo Wine Bar is a great date spot on Miami Beach and there are many reasons why. Most recently I went to Cibo on a date and the coolest part was the guy’s dad was visiting and he came too. That’s right. It was the guy, the guy’s dad and I and the food and conversation were great. Cibo is a great date spot but it’s also an awesome spot to take family when they visit south beach. Here’s why… 

1. The menu is huge!

There’s something for everyone from pastas to pizzas to fish dishes and plates of salume and cheeses. When you go on a date and worry that the girl might be picky or on a diet, Cibo takes that concern away. There is so much to choose from and everything is fresh. There’s nothing fake and processed at Cibo. Even if she opts for a salad there are several to choose from including the very healthy and flavorful radicchio and endive salad with sweet Gorgonzola, black olives, red peppers, pine nuts, honey and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

2. The portions are big enough to share.

I suggest ordering 3 appetizers, 2 pasta dishes and a pizza and sharing everything. We ordered the grilled octopus which is pictured above. Absolutely delicious if octopus is your thing and it should be. The best part about sharing is that you are all experiencing the same flavors and “ooing and ahhing” about how great everything tastes. Getting in a great feeling place with other people some serious positivity. Law of Attraction brings you great things when you’re feeling great so come to Cibo and share some great food with friends and family. We also had the salume (aka charcuterie) proscuitto di parma, hot salami, Italian cheeses and olives. Heavenly! Another highlight were the mussels and clams, which comes with tiny potatoes in this divine garlic sauce. Oh and wait until you have their bread which is made fresh in house. It’s perfection.

3. The bar area is lively and fun but not loud.

We went on a Wednesday night at around 6:30pm. This is a time where events and private parties take place and Cibo is an awesome venue for corporate events. I went to an Algonquin Club dinner there and it was fantastic. The bar area is large and while we didn’t sit at the bar, something I’m a huge fan of when on a date, it is the kind of bar set up where you can enjoy a meal. You can also hear each other speak. There isn’t any blaring loud music, which is a common annoyance on South Beach. There isn’t a loud dull echo. We had such a great conversation talking about towns in New York and New Jersey and all the good food up there. I adore meeting parents from up north because the accent, the quick wit combined with that no bullshit attitude makes me miss my family. I reached out to my mom and dad later on that night. I told them to get their asses down to South Beach to visit me so we can go to Cibo for dinner.

4. They have sports on the TV. 

The guy and his dad are originally from New York and the father / son duo loves sports. So it was perfect that the NY Mets were on the TV! Not sure if the TV always has sports on but it’s good to know there’s a sophisticated option on South Beach for sports watching that doesn’t involve blasting loud music and body painted women gyrating on a 3 foot riser. Call ahead and ask which games will be on the TV. Gather up some friends and order great food and drink and enjoy the game. Watching sports is also a fun thing to do on a date just as long as it’s not only about the game. Keep and eye on the score while keeping in tune with one another.

5. They have an outside terrace and rooftop.

If you want to dine outside you can. There’s an outside patio area, which is great when it is less humid in Miami (October-May). The rooftop is lovely and a great location for private parties. Since Cibo is located down “south of fifth” in a more upscale part of South Beach, you are right next to South Pointe Park so you can take an after dinner walk by the water, a perfect place for a romantic moonlit first kiss. Given my date was with the guy and his dad after dinner we grabbed an Uber. While dad sat in the front seat, the guy stole a kiss and held my hand. It was sweet. I felt like I was 15. It was only our second date. I knew this guy was cool. He was juggling entertaining his dad and making his interest in me known. Love that!

6. The wine!! 

Cibo is a wine bar. They have a huge selection of wines and the staff can advise you on which to pair with what dish. The way the wine is displayed is an impressive focal point to the room and the very cool wine angels fly Spiderman style along the wall to fetch the bottle of wine once ordered. It’s a really interesting visual.

7. It’s exceptional value!

South Beach’s culinary scene is infamous for being all hype and no substance. You really have to know where to go and I do. Cibo is on my “Must Eat in Miami” list because it’s great food, great quality, attentive service and it’s impressive. You’re probably looking at $50 per person factoring in drinks and you’ll come away more than satisfied and won’t feel ripped off in any way. I’m a New York lady who knows about good Italian. I was married into an Italian family for two decades (we made our own sauce). So when I suggest an Italian restaurant know that it’s legit.

Ok ok so you’re probably wondering how it went with me and the guy and the dad. Well, the dad liked me and said I was lovely. As for the guy and I… well let’s just say tonight I’m making us chicken cutlet baked ziti and I don’t break that dish out for just anybody. I’ll also add that we’ll be going back to Cibo again very soon.

About the writer:

Lisa Concepcion, writer, speaker, vlogger and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching™ is a Professional Life Coach specializing in dating, relationships and self-love. Originally from New York now based in Miami, Lisa candidly shares the valuable lessons she learns on her own LoveQuest journey offering online workbooks and video workshops, group workshops, one-on-one sessions, and seminars, to help people attract, give and keep love starting with love of self. Connect with Lisa via her YouTube Channel or by visiting


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