For Ladies:

Lisa offers a customized approach given no two people are the same. Here is a guide to a few examples of packages available and what they cover.

Dating With Purpose:

You date and date and it goes nowhere. You think, “what they hell am I doing wrong? They’re all crazy. Guys suck!” In this program, you’ll learn how to date with purpose, gain clarity on exactly what you want and how to attract it. You’ll also understand your patterns of thinking which brings you the same results over and over. You’ll learn how to switch your mindset and within 30 days, your vibe will shift. Your dating experiences will rapidly improve, with less drama, less BS! You will begin to date with purpose.

If you want to attract the “real deal,” and are done wasting energy on dating that goes nowhere, THIS is the package for you.

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Self-Love Mastery:

Before you can love anyone else unconditionally you must assume total responsibility for your own happiness and discover it within. Self-love is the foundation for all love. In this program, available to everyone regardless of relationship status, you’ll learn how to care for yourself, be your own best friend, silence the negative self-talk, gain mental discipline and power, maintain a sense that all is well and the universe truly has your back. Enjoy a positive life of focus and determination as a deliberate creator of your life. Side effects may include weight loss, financial gain and daily delights of universal awesomeness.

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The 90-Day Post Break-Up Detox:

This is the process that Lisa did on herself that set her along the path to true transformation! Now she shows you how to get over your ex and get back to yourself so you can emerge wiser, stronger and even grateful for the experience. You’ll start in what feels like a ditch, replaying moments and conversations, ruminating over empty promises, disappointment and even betrayal. Midway you’ll shift towards closure, hope, optimism as you “do you.” You’ll start to love yourself first and most and will never put your happiness in the hands of anyone but yourself. By day 90, you will reach a sense of peace and renewal. You’ll raise your vibe and will never be rattled by anyone ever again. Plus, you will have the mental state to attract exactly who you deserve.

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The Divorce Detox:

Ideal for the woman going through or getting over divorce. This program provides you with the mindset necessary to preserve your peace, maintain your own sanity, deal with feelings of guilt, failure, uncertainty and navigate any concerns of financial implications from a position of clarity and power. The divorce detox takes a good look at the lessons learned from the marriage, dispels limiting beliefs, creates healthy boundaries and gets you through the process feeling reconnected to yourself. You will learn how to close this chapter so you can determine the kind of life you truly want to go for next.

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Pre-Marital Prep:

You got engaged!! Congratulations!! Now what? This is the time to get clear on what you both truly want to create as a couple. When two strong self-loving individuals come together and are committed to a loving partnership based on respect, joy, peace and goal achievement, they become a high functioning team. The key is to understand and practice the joy of true unconditional love. The pre-marital prep package helps soon-to-be married couples survive the stress of wedding planning as they navigate important decisions such as living arrangements, finances, family planning, 5, 10 year goals and more! You’ll gain the communication skills necessary to set goals and achieve them… together.

**This package is available for couples and for individuals about to wed.

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