Planning fun things to do is a key part of a relationship. True, you need to have your own interests. You can’t be joined at the hip sharing a brain. Still, there are times where you want to do fun things together. I love good food. I appreciate sharing deliciousness with the man I’m dating. A relationship that involves great food and drink plus an excuse to see and learn interesting things is my kind of relationship. I encourage people to either find a food tour in their own city or make one up. Make a list of 4 places you want to try and sample something from their menu. Have a different course ata different place. This is exactly why Miami Culinary Tours is a great date idea. It basically takes you for a tour of a part of the city with stops in at restaurants for bites along the way. I went with my guy and it was a blast! Here are some highlights. 

Miami Culinary Tours Wynwood

We did the Wynwood Tour. If anyone reading this comes to Miami Wynwood is like the Williamsburg Brooklyn of Miami. It’s filled with art galleries and huge murals featuring street art like the one in the photo above. Since my arrival to Miami in 2010, Wynwood has blossomed into a part of town that now has awesome restaurants and cool boutiques in nice creative spaces. The art is part of the atmosphere. It is everywhere. Fashion photo shoots from all over the world take place here.  When you do the Wynwood Tour you meet at Wynwood Walls which is very cool. Imagine being outside in an urban part of Miami with wall after wall of street art.

GK Bistronomie A Must For Seafood with Peruvian Twist

Our first food stop was GK Bistronomie. I chowed down the most delicious pulled pork sandwich. I’m a meat eater but if you aren’t, no worries, the tour arranges for another delicious option. GK Bistronomie is certainly a place I’ll return to. I never knew about it before the tour. Here’s what’s special about it Chef Rafael Perez is a genius and located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District. It’s funky, laid back and the decor is as great as the food. The open kitchen with ceviche bar allows guests peer into the preparation of freshly made ceviches. This is what I want to come back to try. I LOVE ceviche!! The bar carries a selection of the finest flavored Peruvian piscos, so this means I get to drink Pisco Sours. YES Please!And they have a happy hour featuring $5 craft cocktails half priced beer and wineand there are bites but their website doesn’t offer much detail so call (786) 477 5151 and tell them Lisa Concepcion said to make the happy hour menu more prominent on their website. I am a BIG FAN of happy hours in Miami because the deals are amazing and people here; unlike in New York don’t go out after work. So, I take full advantage of happy hours where I can hang with the bartenders and get to know the staff and sample bites and drinks at a discount. Plus, I can Uber there from South Beach where I live. If you’re visiting Miami Beach Uber to Wynwood and walk around between 4 and 8pm.

In between walks from restaurant to restaurant our guide schooled us on street art. Fascinating. You digest as you learn. It’s interesting and the pics are awesome for your Instagram.

Cool art and that is just 3 pictures. Imagine seeing art like this everywhere! It’s cool! It’s as if the city is a gallery.

Then it was off to R House…

This spot is cool because there’s an art gallery right in the restaurant and the art is always changing. Some menu highlights that I plan to return for include tuna tartare, guacamole, short rib tacos, and sweet pea falafel. On the drink side of course I’m going with the Shot of Love which is made with berry infused Evan Williams bourbon, lime juice and mint. Their happy hour is Wednesday – Friday 5pm – 7pm with $4 beer, $5 bites and $6 cocktails.

Rain or Shine!

This was when the rain started to come pouring down. Thankfully in Miami rain stops quickly. This day was soggy but no fear. Miami Culinary Tours is ready to offer ponchos because they are a rain or shine operation.

Did someone say Krack Pie?

Next it was off to Fireman Derek’s Famous Pies. We were supposed to have Key Lime Pie but because I practice Law of Attraction and my ability to manifest my desires is getting strong and stronger with every new manifestation, as “luck” would have it they served us the Krack Pie instead. Here’s the thing, Key Lime pie is wonderful and delicious but this is Florida so of course you’re going to eat Key Lime Pie. Krack pie? Well, this is a whole other level of dessert. The recipe is top secret and all I know is it’s called Krack pie for a reason… addiction. I 100% plan to go to Fireman Derek’s and score an assortment of pie slices and have a tasting. Check out his website and when in Wynwood EAT PIE!

What the hell is Mofongo?

The next stop on the Miami Culinary Tours Wynwood Tour was Jimmy’z Kitchen. They’re famous for their mofongo which is basically not yet ripe plantains molded into the shape of a miniature mountain on your plate topped with either chicken, pork or shrimp. I’m Puerto Rican and was pleased to learn Jimmy’z is legit Puerto Rican monfongo. The pork is my favorite with shrimp following. Delicious!

Viva Italia!

Our final top on the tour was Made in Italy Gourmet. By the end of the tour you are full so it was a small cannoli and prosecco to end a fun day. Made in Italy Gourmet has amazing food, and it’s also a market so you can get wine, pasta, salume, soups, lasagna and buratta. It’s a must. I want to return for a nice lunch, a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich please.

Looking for something fun to do on a date? Check out the Miami Culinary Tours. You’ll have fun, eat, drink, learn cool stuff and will meet fun people!


 About the writer:
Lisa Concepcion, writer, speaker, vlogger and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching™ is a Professional Life Coach specializing in dating, relationships and self-love. Originally from New York now based in Miami, Lisa candidly shares the valuable lessons she learns on her own LoveQuest journey offering online workbooks and video workshops, group workshops, one-on-one sessions, and seminars, to help people attract, give and keep love starting with love of self. Connect with Lisa via her YouTube Channel or by visiting


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