“So, what are you doing for New Years?” This is the question. Personally, I always referred to New Year’s Eve as a “rookie night.” It’s when the people who hardly go out, or care a lot about appearing to be fabulous on their social media threads, pay a whole lot of money for a whole lot of nothing special. For the many couples who live where it’s too freezing to go out or simply blew their budget on Christmas presents for their entire family, deciding to stay in on New Year’s Eve doesn’t make you a loser. In fact, some of my most memorable New Year’s celebrations were spent in my home, the key is to make it sexy and fun. Here’s how to have a romantic New Year’s Eve at home.

  1. Make it an evening of decadence!! 

Call up your favorite restaurant and get your meal for pick up. Most restaurants will have an early and late seating for a prix-fixe. If you call early they most likely will prepare you anything off the menu. Pick it up around 5pm and you can always heat it up later on.

  1. Get the playlist ready! 

Staying in doesn’t have to mean binge watching Netflix just like any other night. Get ready to eat drink dance and celebrate. Taking turns playing songs is fun and a great way to bond. You learn a lot about a person when they reveal their prom song, their favorite make-out song of all time, their guilty pleasure song and the song that was playing in their mind when you first met.

  1. Crank up the HEAT literally, and have a Naked New Year’s Party for 2. 

OK so it’s freezing one of the many reasons couples opt out and keep the party in their warm home. Crank the heat up to 78 or if you have a fireplace, blaze it up and get naked. Eat, drink and let the night do the rest.

    1. Plant New Year’s Eve wishes around the home for the other person to find. “This year I will kiss you more.” “This year I will learn to bake a lasagna.” “This year I will hire a cleaning service.” “This year I will say I love you 5 times per day.” You get the idea. Get some Post It’s and stick those all over the home. It’s important to appreciate your partner and finding creative ways to do this is always a great thing. For more on how to strengthen your bond as a couple take advantage of setting up a complimentary 30-minute Power Coaching Session where I help you get clear on your goals as individuals and as a couple so you can achieve them together.
  1. TAKE A NAP!! 

There’s all this pressure to stay awake for midnight. What if you Powernap after dinner, set the alarm for 11:45 and ring in the new year with bedhead and champagne? Then once awake you can celebrate after the clock strikes 12 with…

  1. Midnight Pancakes!!

Who gets to eat pancakes at midnight on New Year’s Eve? Couples who choose to stay in and do whatever they want. You can substitute pancakes for chocolate chip cookies, pies, pizza. Whatever you love the most!! Do it!!

  1. Take pride in your choice!!

The pressure for exciting New Year’s Eve plans is absurd. I’ll bet a couple posting a sexy selfie of themselves under the covers with New Year’s Eve hats and noisemakers will get WAAAAY more likes than some poseur couple popping bottles at the club. Own your choice and have fun with it.

  1. Go for a midnight stroll. 

Leave the phones and just hold hands walking around your neighborhood. Kiss on the street corners and share your favorite moments from the prior year and what you would love to do together in the next year.

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